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the Formlab is a confluence of diverse minds that came together during a pandemic.

With an aspiration to contribute towards the ongoing legacy of Architecture and Design Landscape of Australia, Dive, proudly embraces the community and culture it thrives in!

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Form 621

Dandenong, Dandenong Market

Form 621, Spirit of Pakistan, is a dynamic takeaway restaurant in Dandenong Market that brings the vibrant street food of Pakistan to Melbourne, Australia.

The design team was inspired by the rich and diverse flavours of Pakistani cuisine and set out to create a space that would reflect the energy and spirit of the food. The restaurant’s bold color scheme, intricate patterns, and playful design elements all serve to evoke the bustling energy of Pakistani street markets.

At FORMLAB, we’re committed to creating spaces that not only look beautiful but also enhance the user experience. The team worked closely with the clients to ensure that the design of the space would support their vision for a vibrant, welcoming takeaway restaurant that celebrates the rich culture and flavours of Pakistan.

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    Commercial Retail Design