About Us

the Formlab is a confluence of diverse minds that came together during a pandemic.

With an aspiration to contribute towards the ongoing legacy of Architecture and Design Landscape of Australia, Dive, proudly embraces the community and culture it thrives in!

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Makie Tinwala

Makie Tinwala

Navigator. Reformer. Proactive.

Makie Tinwala, a self-proclaimed philosopher grew up in a family of highly successful developers. He has earned his Master’s in Architecture from University of Melbourne. Prior to establishing Formlab, Makie worked for several design and construction practices and was responsible for a wide range of architectural projects including bespoke houses, large institutional buildings, childcare centres, and hospitality venues. He has experience working with varied client types including local government, institutional, educational, commercial, and private residential clients.

As a result of a rich professional history, Makie clearly understands that the success of every project depends on clear and insightful collaboration and communication with all stake holders.

Vincent Yuan

Vincent Yuan

Passionate. Meticulous. Cooperative.

Vincent joined our Melbourne Studio in late 2021, he is currently studying Master of Architecture at the University of Melbourne.

In the office, Vincent is found pushing boundaries, solving problems, bringing new concepts, maximizing aesthetics, and representing ideas. Outside the studio, Vincent is keen on photography and musical instruments. Vincent is skilled in project documentation and takes pride in seeing the designs coming to life.

To Vincent architecture is experiential; it is the delicate balance of risk, restraint and context that should be reflected in the building’s fabric. He believes that buildings can present the ideas of the past and future, evoke the classic, and explore the modern.

Mitali Alkari

Mitali Alkari

Imaginative. Minimalist. Relentless.

Mitali has been a part of Formlab since its inception. She has a master’s degree in Architecture, specializing in Parametric design. She works with the team to design exceptional spaces & environments. Curiosity drives her efforts and enables her to pursue design problems with great zeal & sincerity.

At Formlab she is assigned a challenging task, that is, ensuring quality management throughout the entire project cycle, her rigorous approach to both construction and detailing ensures design concepts are fulfilled and delivered on-site.

Beyond work, she loves plants, music, theatre, and all things food. She has affinity & experience in working in the fields of graphic design & branding. It provides her with a keen eye for visuals & craftsmanship that constantly propel her at work.

Neha Dhruva

Neha Dhruva

Biophilic. Live wire. Neatnik.

Neha joined our Melbourne Studio in the mid of 2021, while pursuing her master’s degree from Deakin University. She believes in creating a built environment that is culturally sensitive, connects well with its users and respects the environment. She finds it exciting to overcome the practical challenges of design with inventive solutions. Neha day to day operation is unpacking the client brief and at the same token understanding the true function of a space to create designs that exceed the client’s expectations.

Neha focuses and specialises in feasibility, planning schemes and building regulations which sets the foundation of her architecture career. Outside the studio, Neha has a keen passion for outdoors and animals.